About Dr. Appu Kuttan


Dr. Appu Kuttan, NEF Founder & Chairman Advisor to many national and world leaders including three U.S. Administrations of Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama, U.S. Congressional leaders, former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi (in helping to make India a global IT power) and Mauritius Prime Minister (on transforming Mauritius into an IT-focused nation Author of many innovative concepts such as Happy Executive, MBS (Management By Systems), CyberLearning, Total Tennis, Win-Win-Win, Holistic Executive, Kuttan Preschool (Mind-Body-Soul Life Style Development) and acclaimed books such as “From Digital Divide to Digital Opportunity” Philanthropist who donated most of his personal funds from the sale of the World-famous Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy to the National Education Foundation (NEF), with the goal of providing educational opportunities to disadvantaged millions, especially females and minorities Mentor to many including world tennis champions Andre Agassi, Monica Seles and U.S. Presidential Honoree Roger Kuttan Award Winner – 2011 Distinguished Achievement Award from the University of Wisconsin (the third largest research university in the U,S.), the 2006 Global Digital Literacy Champion Difference Maker — Helped India to become an IT power, Venezuela to reform its social security and healthcare, Puerto Rico to reduce its traffic fatalities and improve its higher education, Mauritius to educate its population in digital literacy and IT, U.S. to become a tennis power, and millions of students and adults in the U.S, India, Egypt, Mauritius and other countries to become better prepared for college and the 21st Century workforce