Jobskills Training: Tuition-free high-quality courses with or without instant mentoring for 1,000,000 Jobseekers in the U.S., India and other countries in IT, Business, Management. We offer 5,500 courses grouped into 60 course packages. A jobseeker can acuire IT or Management certification training (basic to advanced) and upgrade his/her skills high-pay jobs for only a nominal registration fee of $70.  For information and sign up, visit



K-12 STEM+ Education: Tuition-Free high-quality courses (rated at the top by the U.S. Education Department) and total solutions in Science, Tecghnology, Engineering, Math, English, SAT/ACT, IT, Business and Management. A student can advance one grade level in math or reaing in 25 hours on our CyberLearning learning system for $35 fee, mainly to cover part of the cost of Individualized Learning, Teacher Stipends, Mentoring, Motivation, Teacher Training, Learning Mansagement System and 24/7 Tech Support and Helpline vs $2,000 in the U.S. Federal Title I programs. Our goal is to train a million students annually in the disadvantaged schools in the U.S. For information and sign up, visit